July & July 2013 picks: sculptures in streets, local food festival

And they say there’s nothing to do in Brno in summer!

6/12—8/31: Sculptures in streets

This wonderful exhibition tells some of Brno’s darkest stories through 14 sculptures located in the public space. My favorite one is the working water cannon at Moravské náměstí sq., commemorating Danuše Muzikářová, shot to death by the communist militia back in 1969. A similar interactive sculpture is located in the main train station hall – a candle vending machine dedicated to Pavel Švanda, killed by the secret police in 1981.

There is a handy map that will help you find the statues. The English leaflet explains the stories behind them — too bad that some sentences just don’t make any sense. (I have the same problem with the Czech version.)

7/8—7/31: Regional gastronomy festival

Eighteen restaurants, from affordable bistros to the town’s snobbiest places, joined this festival to follow strict rules: everything on the festival menu has to be grown/bred/made in southern Moravia. Explore the menus and book your table at jidlozblizka.cz.

6/28—9/1: Open air cinema at Dobrák swimming pool

Although the pools will be empty (the place is undergoing maintenance) we won’t miss this great Open air cinema this year. It brings sixty+ acclaimed movies, most of them with Czech subtitles. Check out the schedule at kinonadobraku.cz (Czech website only).

8/2-3: Beseda u Bigbítu festival

I love this event! It doesn’t take place in Brno – you have to take a 90-minute ride to the little village of Tasov near White Carpathians. Friendly people, cheap food, great and diverse music: The Pineapple Thief (GB), Brontide (GB), Volkova Sisters (HU), Dave Herrero & The Hero Brother Band (USA), Napszyklat (PL), Peter Lipa Band (SK), Bratři Orffové (CZ), Zrní (CZ), Kieslowski (CZ), Kyklos Galaktikos (CZ) or Boris Carloff. This year, finally, with an English website. CZK 449 (CZK 599 on the spot).

8/23: Grand Prix of the Czech Republic

The largest sport event in the country. If you aren’t interested in motorbike racing, try to avoid this weekend while planning a trip to Brno – the hotels get much more expensive. On the other side, the town has a more lively atmosphere than usual. Ticket prices start at CZK 1.590.