Christmas and New Year in Brno: 3 things to know

Curious about the Christmas markets, New Year’s Eve and helping people in need? There go the answers!

Where can I enjoy the Christmas markets — and when?

The three largest markets in Brno take place at the biggest downtown squares: Náměstí svobody sq., Moravské náměstí sq. and Zelný trh sq. I like especially the last one for the live jazz music (most of the time) and some great food and beverage stands.

All the markets are open daily and close at December 23.

Extra tip: Festival of Open Wine Cellars takes place beneath the streets of downtown Brno on December 8 and 9.

I want to travel to Brno for the New Year’s Eve, is there anything going on?

As far as I know, nothing special is planned. All the popular clubs, such is Fléda, Metro, Kabinet Múz or Stará Pekárna host parties but their lineups are quite ordinary. See the Brno Now calendar for more updates.

Every year, many people celebrate the New Year’s Eve in the streets of downtown Brno. I consider the place to be too wild for my taste:

A professional firework display will be fired above Špilberk castle in the evening of January 1. Again, see the calendar for specific time which is not known yet.

I would like to do something good for people and animals in need. Any tips?

Glad you asked! You can…

  • Put some money in the box next to the Christmas tree at Náměstí svobody sq. For many years, Red Cross has been using the donations to help kids and elderly people abandoned by their families.
  • Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear at charity spot Baltazar (58 Bratislavská st.) that would pass them on to the poor people who may use it.
  • Send some money to the fund established by the Catholic church to support people in need both in this region and abroad. Their bank account number is 1583741621/0100.
  • Take an abandoned dog from the police-run shelter.