Racing driver Giorgio Bartocci survives horrifying accident, his condition improves [updated]

The celebration of the 80th anniversary of Masaryk circuit went horribly wrong last weekend. Giorgio Bartocci had to be transported to the University hospital in a critical condition after a serious crash of his Lamborghini.

Since the black Saturday, news about Giorgio’s health have been slighlty positive. According to respected Twitter stream MotosportPrint, Giorgio Bartocci has a broken leg, broken ribs and 2nd degree burns to 40% of his body but is now off a respirator.

It was the first serious accident at Automotodrom Brno, considered to be a very safe track, in many years. The rescue operation brought to life some discussions about whether the track marshals were ready for such a big crash or not. Bartocci was trapped in the burning car for one minute and the first one who tried to get him out was an unprotected engineer who got his face burned. According to experts quoted by Czech Twitter stream F1sports, the firefighters did everything in the right way. It seems that racing can never be totally safe. [Updated: Respected blog Jalopnik described the response as even worse than the crash itself. This is not a good mark for the track marshals.]

Let’s hope that accident like this won’t happen any time soon and that Giorgio gets well.

Updated at 5 p.m., May 25

Mr Bartocci was transported to Italy today in stabilized condition. His family appreciated the medical care he received in Brno.