Drinking alcohol in public places to be banned since summer

The town council banned public drinking. Since summer, you may be fined with several hundreds Czech crowns (up to €40) for drinking alcoholic beverages in parks, on bus stations etc. Beer gardens remain legal.

According to mayor, the ban should not harass tourists that want to peacefully drink a cold beer on a bench during a hot summer day. However, there is no exception in the public notice and if you meet a constable having a bad day, even that one beer can get you in trouble.

There are more problems with the new notice. It bans beggary but it does not distinguish beggars bothering other people from street artists, such is En.dru:

Important thing to say is that Czech have much more relaxed attitude to laws and regulations than, let’s say, Americans. Drinking in streets will be still common and nobody will worry about the consequences – actually, talking to a policeman for two minutes and paying small fine is not a reason to make your picnics wine-free. It is just another badly written and needless law.