The best place to stand at Automotodrom Brno (a.k.a. Masaryk Circuit)

A crowd of fans at MotoGP 2007, photo by teliko82

A crowd of fans at MotoGP 2007, photo by "teliko82"

I have been attending events held at the Automotodrom Brno since 1987, the year it was opened, so I hope am qualified enough to say that the best place to stand at during the Superbike World Championship or MotoGP races is the…:

Stand C.

That’s because:

  • It’s where the most enthusiastic fans with flags and horns usually meet.
  • You can observe three nearby curves where many interesting things happen.
  • It’s where winners stop and meet their fans or throw their gloves at them.
  • The tickets for most events are much cheaper than tickets to the main stand, but not much more expensive than the tickets to stands with worse position or atmosphere.
  • It’s a very large stand (approx. 500 m long) so you can take walks or change your position between races.


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Virtual Circuit Tour

There is a nice virtual tour at the webpage of Automotodrom Brno; click the links in the bottom-left corner to see what would you see at all the stands.