The best place for sunbathing

August is knocking on a door, but it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

A girl sunbathing at Kraví Hora

A girl sunbathing at Kraví Hora

From May to September, a park at Kraví hora becomes a very popular place full of sunbathing people. The steep field faces south, so you can enjoy sun from morning to late evening.

The good things about the park at Kraví hora

  • The place has a freewheelin’ atmosphere – this week, I met an 80 y.o. half-nude yogi there. If you feel shy about your body, this is the place to go.
  • If you are a woman and you prefer topless sunbathing, you won’t be the only topless sunbather there.
  • You can refresh your body in a nearby swimming pool.
  • The park is small, with no dark places, always full of people and located in a great neigborhood — it is one of the safest parks in Brno.

Btw, is is OK for women to sunbathe topless?

In 90 % of the cases, it is. Czechs have very liberal opinion about nudity, so leaving the upper part of bikinis in a bag is generally OK. Don’t do it near churches, in front of schools, at a redneck soccer game etc.

How intensive is the Sun in Brno?

I use sunscreen with sun-protection factor 8 to prevent sunburn, but if you have pale skin, SPF12-16 is a more wise choice.


A tram #4 to Kraví Hora is departing from Česká st. and main station every 10 minutes or so.

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